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This is an example of a bad situation for a well head, due to not wanting to see the well, the customer let flowers grow up around it; unfortunately, you can see that it created a situation where earwigs and spiders were able to enter the casing (cap broke due to frost, buildup and strain). One (1) earwig can contaminate a water source, bringing Total Coliform and E. coli bacteria, which will make you sick from ingestion.  The State of Vermont now requires well drillers to leave a minimum 18" casing exposure from grade to ensure that surface water and contaminants cannot enter the aquifer and pollute them, so easily.

When you have little to no water recovering yield in your well, we can arrange to come perform a "hydro-fracture" procedure on your well, using water and pressure to "blow open" the obstructions into the larger aquifer and allow you more access to the water available.


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Hydro-Fracrure Yield Increase
Water System Designs
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Water Filtration
Water Treatment
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Solar & Off Grid Applications

Real Estate Transaction Assistance:

*Yield Testing

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