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We specialize in assisting you with new construction, emergency replacement water wells, service work on failed pumps, pressure tanks and controls, sediment solutions, increased volume and pressure and water quality treatment and testing options!

We've been servicing the "North East Kingdom" of Vermont and NW New Hampshire since 1998 for  residential, agricultural and some commercial water needs 

Offering free well estimates, well services include pump, tank, sediment filters, water treatment units and some water quality testing.   Whether you have new construction, need to replace a failed water system, are expanding your usage or have staining or stinky water, we can try to find some answers.

We have a broad base of customers -check us out today and let us try to assist you with your water challenges!

Starting in June 2020 we sold our drilling rig and now subcontract with Spafford & Sons Water Wells to meet our customer base drilling needs.  Gould Well Drilling still does all of the project preparation, pump and tank design and installation and service.  Spafford does not hold a NH Drilling License so we refer all NH drilling to Carr Well & Pump.