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If you are searching for information regarding your well, the States of Vermont and New Hampshire have limited web pages to access, or you can contact us to try and assist. 

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Among other references, there are ways to try and take some first steps by yourself, and then call for help.  The following are tri-fold pamphlets which we created and send out, to assist you with understanding or performing necessary services, some of which should become semi-annual maintenance.

Flushing A Pressure Tank                                    Flyer P. Tank Flush '13.pdf

Chlorinating A Well                                                Flyer Chlorination '13.pdf

Chlorine Dosage Plan                                            VEC Chlorine Dosage Chart.pdf

Salt Chlorination (Iron Bacteria Treatment)

Water Conditioning                                                Flyer Conditioner.pdf

Water System Investment                                   Flyer Investment '13.pdf 

Proper Spring (Dug) Well Construction            Spring Construction.pdf

Deep Well Cross Section                                       Well Cross Section.pdf

VT Guidance Rules 2007 P1                                  Guidance Rules 2007 P1.pdf

VT Guidance Rules 2007 P2                                 Guidance Rules 2007 P2.pdf

VT DOH 2019 Water Quality Testing                   Mandatory Water Testing Info